Luke Driskell

This website is more or less meant to be a welcome page for people who, for whatever reason, are looking for me on the Internet. Just to be clear, this is the information technology and geography Luke Driskell. For the race car driver and others, try this search.


My experiences with computers and the Internet have come from school, work, and personal interest. My undergraduate education was focused on using information technology in business. I have work experience with hardware and software for desktop and server environments, and I have a special interest in web-based mapping and GIS.


One thing led to another at LSU and in 2009 I wound up in Beijing editing, writing, and doing communications and outreach for a few scientific organizations. I left in 2012, but I still do English editing.


My master's research incorporated my interest in technology into geography, mainly with programming, statistical analysis, and GIS. I used wardriving to map Wi-Fi and compared access rates to local demographics. Conducting the study was as fun as it was insightful, and it even got published in a short article on mapping the digital divide. This paper was ranked #2 in the Annals of GIS top 10 downloads for 2010.